Augmented Reality in Classrooms
An AOS93 Project

You have reached the AOS93 Augmented Reality Web Server. This server will host your enriched Web Content (audio, video images and other files or data) that you use to develop Layar/Blippar based content.


Enriched Print -- [creating enriched content to enhance teaching and learning] -- uses Augmented Reality technology for your classroom iPads, tablets and other smart devices.

If you have content such as MP3 audio, MP4 video, webpages or other digital content that you want hosted here, please contact the ePic Webmaster at ePic@aos93.org.

It’s a snap to create and publish your own 'Enriched Print' (interactive content) for use with your class' iPads or Android Tablets.

To see how to use your device with enriched content, click HERE for some simple instructions.

To learn more about our the ePic Pilot project here at AOS93, please contact your school's Tech Coordinator.